The Nordic Energy Efficient Mortgage (NEEM) Hub

Helping Nordic consumers look after their economy and the environment through increasing the energy efficiency of their homes.

About the NEEM Hub

The aim of the Nordic Energy Efficient Mortgages (NEEM) Hub is to scale up lending to energy renovations in the Nordics to meet EU green deal, as well as ambitious national climate targets.

The hub is comprised of a long list of institutions from the financial sector, behavioural scientists, mortgage specialists and authorities, and digital technology communities from across the Nordics, all guided by Copenhagen Economics.

The project will be a part of the existing Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative and supported by Horizon 2020.

To learn more about the NEEM Hub, please see the below video and whitepaper or feel free to reach out to us using the contact form or the details at the bottom of this page.

About the NEEM Hub

The NEEM Hub Video

A brief summary of the Nordic Energy Efficient Mortgage Hub highlighting the main aims of the Hub and the barriers that have to be overcome.

The NEEM Hub White Paper

A comprehensive look at the multidisciplinary make-up of the NEEM Hub and the challengaes, opportunities and goals of the NEEM Hub.

The focus of the NEEM HUB

The focus of the NEEM Hub will be to break-down five identified barriers to energy renovations:


Including limited information and high perceived complexity,

leads to profitable renovations not being undertaken.



Can amount to up to 40% of
the total costs when undertaking renovations.



Causes a fundamental problem

in the entire value chain of

energy renovations.


Such as potential risk mitigating factors of green mortgages

not being fully exploited.


Need to be addressed to ensure, among other things, that the newly adopted taxonomy is fit for lending to energy renovation projects in the Nordic countries.

The NEEM Hub promotes energy renovations through Nordic financial institutions

Financial institutions are in a perfect position to overcome barriers to energy renovations through their touchpoint with end customers and ability to finance the investments.

The NEEM Hub will therefore adopt a bank-centric approach in breaking down the identified barriers to develop concrete solutions ready for implementation in the Nordic banking sector.

Lead by Copenhagen Economics, the financial institutions of Nordea, Swedbank, and the green fintech start-up, Hemma, will act as market demonstrators, testing the developed solutions.